Medical Facilities

‘Health is the condition of wisdom and the sign of cheerfulness’

At G.D. Goenka Public School, Dharamshala we promote a high standard of health and hygiene in its day to day work with the children. Keeping in mind the health and well being of every child in the school premises there is well equipped infirmary with ample bed capacity and a well trained nurse who tenders the mother’s touch to the children. Regular health checkups are done for children in school campus.


  • The room consists of five beds which are well mattresses and sheeted well. All first aid facilities are available here in the guidance of qualified nurse
  • The school also has a medical room for safety, welfare as well as protection of your ward
  • Monthly health check-ups such as height and weight of your ward and further measures are done properly under the guidance of the nurse
  • Health cards of all the progress and measures of your card are maintained and recorded to check the growth and progress of your ward
  • The medical room is well stocked with all the first aid material needed for the treatment of the needy