Yoga & Arobatics

G.D. Goenka Public School, Dharamshala offered the best starting point for all of us teachers and students to experience the birth and growth of such an important process education and evolution, including the overall view as parents.

  • As per YOGA as a subject,  and considering the groups from Pre-Nursery to 3rd Standard, we got the chance to actually discover the environment from a clear and conscious state of mind.
  • Starting at Assembly time, where Kids learnt an adaptation of  SuryaNamaskar achieving that predisposition to enter the place ready to learn, with a peaceful and focused direction.
  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) which are so important in many fields, like swimming, sports endurance, any kind of physical activity and meditative states of being; not forgetting to speak in public.

Our methodology is an integrating one. We use analogies which, as Maria Montessori clearly explains in her texts, is the key to acquire a conscious understanding.

This was beautifully observed when, on the International Yoga Day, every member of the school present in Reception, we experienced oneness. Cohesion,  as we all chanted OM, and breathed in synchronization while the students performed a considerable large number of Asanas.

Our sports ground and installations provide the students with everything needed to improve their speed and ability. At the fast pace we move in our day lives,  working on movement becomes an individualistic approach.  Eye-hand coordination, explosive strength, team work… are basic and important skills in every sport ( Basket, Volleyball,  Tennis,  Skating,  Football, Gymnastics…) and many areas of the kids’ healthy development. The exercises and their progression are designed using creativity and a full-range of resources.

Gaining flexibility,  Strength & Balance, gross and fine motor skills are improved by task specific training acitivities with the help of all kind of props; different sports balls (size and weight), skipping ropes, rings (hula hoop), elastic bands… and a great deal of psychologic techniques.

Rhythm is that dynamic motion pattern so much worked on dance. It took less than 2 months ( 8 periods of 35min) for kids to learn our tango choreography which was put up on the stage at the ‘poetry competition’ event. Coordination and synchronicity are emphasized. All the students have the benefit of mirrors and music. I personally welcome the parents to be part of this learning process. Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Funky, Contemporary, Interpretation, Interactive theater, live performances. And be part of the teaching-learning process along with our students.