Chief Managing Director’s Message

gd-managing-minChange is the law of nature. World is rapidly changing and the pace of life growing faster every day. The Society also must constantly adapt itself to changing circumstances. The English poet Tennyson quite aptly sang “the old order should change and give place to the new”.

Education is all about appreciation of change: both in perspective and prospective. Adaptability is required to respond to unforeseen events, integrate understandings that can only be acquired through involvement in the process; and successful implementation of new practices that improve students’ learning by creating more favorable attitudes.

School leaders also need opportunities to study cutting-edge research and theory so that improvement plans reflect up-to-date developments in the field. Significant changes require that everyone who affects students’ learning acquire new attitudes, knowledge, and skills. The synergy that flows from people with various perspectives produces higher-quality ideas and better solutions to problems.

What is most important is that the school systems should have a clear, compelling vision for its future .The improvement in job performance and student outcomes should be significant and continuous to celebrate successes along the way and recognize contributions so that momentum is maintained.

Education, for us, is not a destination but a journey of discovery, of exploration, of introspection, of interrogation – a journey full of hope, promise and endless possibilities. We are looking at happy children, eager to learn, positive in outlook and ready to take on any and every challenge. Focus is on engagement with critical contemporary issues, creating relationships, dialogues, atmosphere of learning through mature, affectionate, and stable mentoring. Examining trends, anticipating new paradigms and successfully managing change in turbulent times are no simple tasks.

On behalf of G D Goenka Public School, Dharamshala we welcome one and all with this effort to change the traditional patterns of learning with advanced ones. G D Goenka Public Schools are regarded as centers of educational excellence globally. The school philosophy is based on strongly held beliefs which are put into action everyday by every member of the institution. It is a philosophy of treating each child in a sensitive manner and providing appropriate developmental plans as to encourage not just learning but also love of learning. We are trying our level best to provide an environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and child-oriented.

We earnestly intend to work in partnership with parents through effective communication with a view to create a positive ambience that fosters a desire for learning.

With best wishes,


Chief Managing Director