G.D. Goenka School, Dharamshala opened the gates of its campus on February, 2016 to its co-educational intake of students. We are an institute with intentional standards in education, co-scholastic activities, sports, infrastructure and facilities that embrace the demands of modern curriculum. Located at an ideal location between Dharamshala and Kangra near Dhauladhar ranges, the school has been constructed on more than four acre campus that is conducive to the students learning and development process. The campus has been thoughtfully designed to create a dynamic environment which triggers learning and facilities the teaching process. It has been designed to miniscule details and addresses the contemporary need of the learners.


Education means acquisition of knowledge developing powers of reasoning and character building. It is a process to transform a child into an enlightened human being. Cyber age of today demands education to transcend from its traditional role to fuse the modern day student with scientific temperament , while retaining our core values to prepare him for the task of nation building which is the country’s utmost demand. We at GDGPS Dharamshala endeavour to build our students Higher > Stronger > Brighter. At GD Goenka Public School Children grow and develop in remarkable environment , smart class rooms , hygienic and modern environment and best facilities.


principalA child is the most precious God gift of our lives. All our aims, purposes, choices, concerns, and decisions significantly change as soon as we become parents. The focus of our lives gets centered towards love, care, and concern for the child. It is the dream and desire of every parent to provide their child wholesome qualitative education Read More…


gd-managing-minChange is the law of nature. World is rapidly changing and the pace of life growing faster every day. The Society also must constantly adapt itself to changing circumstances. The English poet Tennyson quite aptly sang “the old order should change and give place to the new”. Read More…