School library is the storehouse of knowledge and GDGPS Dharamshala library is superbly well stocked with a vast collection of books of various fields, resources and services on a wide range of topics. The endeavor giving a free rein to their imagination in a conducive ambience.

  • Library is an ocean of knowledge
  • Library is a collection of sources of information
About G.D. Goenka library
  • Room is well equipped with excellent furniture and proper lightning
  • Well ventilated room
  • Spacious sitting arrangement for more than 40 students
  • CCTV cameras installed
  • Library’s collection includes books
  • More than 500 books
  • Books includes Hindi , English , Maths , reference books (Includes Dictionaries, Thesaurus etc.) and Science books , Audio books
  • Collection includes Hindi and English newspapers: The Tribune, Amar Ujala
Future Facility
  • E. Library